Feeling bold?  Adorn yourself in striking accessories.

Hats – The Red Rose Button Hat

When designing the red rose button hat, I started by layering fabrics over a form to view the different effects. Placing one piece on top of the other then adding highlights. Making handmade roses using silk and grosgrain mixing the two famously known colours red and pink. These combinations have a distinct appeal one that is interestingly striking. Where does this colour inspirations come from? Personally, two designers who always inspire.

Lacroix and Viktor & Rolf Colour Inspiration

Namely, the inspiration comes from Lacroix and Viktor&Rolf. Colours such as red and pink evoke images of Flowers, Love and Lacroix. Visualising these colour combinations bare regards to the master couturier Christian Lacroix. When the privilege arises to create in these colours, I always say to myself “Sooo Lacroix!”

Similarly, the other inspiration is a permanent memento – a postcard.Mesmerised by the image I purchased at the National Gallery Victoria (NGV) for an exhibition Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists 2016. Shown here, the postcard displays a mix of inspirational colours designed in ribbons.

Featured design by Viktor&Rolf from spring-summer 2005 ready-to wear collection Flowerbomb, Doll Look 46. Photo by Team Peter Stigher.

Viktor&Rolf Doll Look 46, Flowerbomb photo © Team Peter Stigher

Personal adornment in red and pink

What is the essential need to adorn ourselves with such bold colours in headbands, hats and accessories?

And consequently, I found this description of ‘Self Adornment’ on www.uia.org.

Self adornment

“Dress is the most obvious status symbol, and to be dressed attractively and in fashion gives a sense of well-being and confidence. The human-being uses self adornment ( dress, cosmetics, tattoos for example ) to express physically his or her interior being and personality…”

One must be feeling bold to take on these colours as the colour red has many symbolic meanings such as: love, power, fortune, prosperity, and beauty. Perhaps introducing a bit of pink brings on a more subdued mood. The lighter colour has a calming effect opposed to red which conveys strong emotions.

Have a read of an editorial feature from Google Arts & Culture “The Secret History of the Color Red.”

Feeling bold? Adorn yourself in striking accessories

Certainly, I suggest, if you are feeling bold don yourself in red and pink adornment!

And if not, Do it anyway!

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