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  • Starlet Rose Headband with featured black roses sets a demure mood delicately crafted in studio with three large roses and three small rosettes. One-of-a-Kind headband couture.

  • Xeni Cotton Rose Headband takes on a slow and artfully approach to design perfectly named  Xeni – the protector of plants and flowers.  If your true love is couture and craftsmanship then you will appreciate this piece every time you take it out of the box.  

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Shop the capsule collection of designer dresses ‘The Little Black Dress’ – crafted in the finest luxurious Italian Jersey. Featuring deep drapey cowls, off-the-shoulder a-line shapes and one shoulder silhouettes. Slip-one-on and feel the versatility and elegance of the iconic style known as the black dress.  Collection designed and made in Australia.

Slow Fashion

If you love Slow Fashion a timeless black dress is a must! Find out more.. The black dress? The colour black?… What is a Slow Fashion Pace? The Little Black Dress?

Handcrafted Accessories

Explore one-of-a-kind handcrafted Accessories featuring headbands, hats and barrettes. Inspired by flora crafting in hybrid mix of fabrics and colour. Check out this article about the behind the scenes design inspiration Hats, Headbands and Personal Adornment 

Sculptural Form
Take it a step further into sculptural form from behind the scenes of the Xeni headband From Idea to Action: How to start?

Discover the Collection of LBD’s and One-of-a- Kind Handcrafted Accessories. Shop the Collection Ingrid Hayes