From Idea to Action: How to start?

What starts the creative process in actually moving from an idea into action? How to start? This is what exactly happened to me over the last 18 months with the - Xeni Rose Headband. I started reconnecting with my sewing machine with a project called — ‘the face mask’ — well, not really pleased with outcome and feeling disappointed thinking how plain and boring this piece is…… If I was to create what would it be? I played around with the recommended cotton fabric for the mask project cutting different widths of fabric. Remembering ‘How to make a Rose’ from my Couture class at Parson’s. Would the cotton fabric work as a rose? Of Course! I broke all the rules: not cutting on the bias, using cotton fabric instead of silk, cutting on the crossgrain. I like breaking the rules…you never know what will come of it. In the beginning, I had no idea and slowly the design started to take shape into something unexpectedly real. Starting from a feeling of boredom along with stopping and starting because of life and desperately trying to finish this piece. After many long hours of toil, finally the piece is finished. Reflecting, I started to wonder with all the uncertainty in these last months there is certainty in creativity. The process of not knowing, where time stands still, disappointment and excitement all are felt in one moment to the next. And, finally, an extraordinary feeling of accomplishment that encapsulates creativity and beauty. Xeni Rose Headband Couture Properly named as the name means the ‘protector of plants, flowers’. Featuring a bountiful array of handcrafted cotton roses and rosettes varying sizes from small to large. This piece takes on a [...]