What is a Slow Fashion Pace?

The Little Black Dress? The Color Black? The black dress a power house staple to elegant dressing, one may find many of these dresses in their closet. Why so many Little Black Dresses? What is a Slow Fashion pace? During the long Melbourne lockdown, my curiosity sparked as I wanted to reconnect with my love of fashion history. I read about a free course, Coursera presented by The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA): ‘Fashion as Design' led by Department of Architecture and Design Senior Curator Paola Antonelli. An online seven week course exploring over 70 items of garments and accessories questioning the meaning of what, how, and why we wear these items. Learning from designers, historians and makers about these items made me feel reconnected to the fashion community. Curator Dr. Valerie Steele: The Little Black Dress Presentation Finally, thrilled to watch a video by Curator, Dr. Valerie Steele, Abecedarian Presentation on The Little Black Dress. Being an avid lover of dresses and the colour black, Dr. Steele dispels some myths and presents the history of the black dress and the associations of the colour black in a 11 minute video. Dr. Steele states: "...Chanel claimed to have invented the little black dress but that's not true she did help popularised it……" In addition, the curator goes on to give examples of western associations of the color black and the history of the dress: "... In the middle ages black was not only seen as colour for the elite mourning but also as a very expensive, prestigious, and elegant color… Many Aristocrats would wear black to indicate prestige and…dandiacal elegance which made them stand out among the peacock courtiers around them…" , "Valerie Mendez [...]